Welcome to my new site. I have been putting off this particular project for months and months telling myself I don’t have the time to write and update content but so much has been going on and I have got involved with so many different projects and ideas I feel it all needs to be documented before too much time passes and I forget what I have done.

I will attempt to keep on top of updating content whenever I hit a new milestone, create something or come up with an idea. I spend a fair amount of time myself reading up on loads of different subjects and come across some great tutorials and guides (ones much better than anything I could ever write up myself) so these will be posted as links to check out.

On the go at the moment I have the following:-

  • Whole house automation project (OpenHAB, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MySensors, HMI devices)
  • Home Theater / Cinema Room project (projector, surround sound, electric recliners, racing simulator)
  • VW Passat bass car rebuild
  • Garage/Workshop conversion

There will also be random pictures and snippets of other things, more than likely my cat, car pictures and rants relating to news topics.

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